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Annas first time 3.

Another part with good looking Anna.

Ingeborgs first time 1.

ngeborg is a nice good looking girl I found in a disco a few days after meeting Janeke, this movie was made just after breakfast the following day. She did not think she could do anything because of hangovers (was a bit high in the evening :-) but I managed to convince her about the need for her to show my loyal members what she could do.

Janekes first time 1.

Janeke is a sweet and cheerful girl. I had a lot of fun with her and her friend at a local disco, so much fun that we ended up in bed with each other in the night even though we never had seen each other before. This video is made the following morning where I have been laying and playing with her for about an hour when I put up the camera. She did not notice the camera until about 8 minutes in the movie, but at that time there was no way back, even though she tried to protest :-) Her friend slept like a baby besides us while this was happening. The following day she agreed to make a proper movie where you better can see her gorgeous body. That one will be on later together with some photos.

Aases first time 3.

Our eager cameraman gives Aase the last lesson.

Aases first time 2.

Our eager cameraman gives Aase a second lesson.

Aases first time 1.

Aase is a friend of Irish too, she is a pretty and shy girl always ready to party. In this scene the cameraman gives her a good introduction. She did had a little accident a year ago (a son) so you will see at her body, but still a nice girl with a pretty face.

Lunas first time 2.

Black and pretty Luna in her second movie, this time alone with the cameraman. She really is a hot girl.

Charlene and Angels first time 2.

In part two the cameraman do Charlene

Charlene and Angels first time 1.

You newer know what happens when you go and get some gas at Shell :-) Was actually only there to fill my car when I bumped into Charlene who I made a movie with some months back. But what really caught my interest was the good looking girl she had with her, she went by and said politely hi and after a few minutes I found out that the girls was her fathers brothers daughter. After having put a few spells on them they agreed that we picked up my friend 'the cameraman' and had some fun.

Irmas first time 1.

Irma was a very kind girl I meet this weekend, she was very shy and I took me like forever to get her to agree to let me tape her. She gave me the best blowjob ever and did it with so much passion and she even eagerly swallowed my cum. See it and make your own judgment, but I think it's the best blowjob seen in a long time. Just a funny note, this movie was shot while US President Bush was holding a speech less than 100 meters away so if he had looked in thru our window he would have gotten the show :-)

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