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Berits first time 1.

Super slim Berit is one of the new girls, she has a good slim body and cute tiny breasts. She is a very natural girl who love sex, you can see that she is enjoying herself on this movie. As something new I took some photos before and during the taping, let me know if that is something to carry on with or not.

Ries first time 4.

This is the lost tape with Rie, I was sure that it was gone because the cam have eaten it and the tape was broken, but after having cut off the messy parts of it at glued it together, it turned out ok. There is another part with her on the same tape. She is really a fantastic girl, she enjoy having sex so much and is not afraid to try something new. In this one with the 'cameraman' she finish up the whole load and is even happy that I use my finger to feed her the cum he spilled on her face.

Lenettes first time hardcore 1.

Enjoy Lennette in her very first hardcore action, she was really scared this first time, what you clearly can see at her face, she tried to chicken out several times, but I managed to talk her into doing it for real. This first time she had so many worries and I don't believe she really enjoyed it except you can see how her nipples get hard and she starts to loose control when I licked her little pussy. In episode two she have loosen up and clearly is more willing to let herself go. If you wonder about all the small breaks in my 'pumping' - think - I needed them, badly, it was so difficult not to pump her full of cum the very first second after I managed to get my big fat dick into her super super tight juicy pussy

Indys first time 1.

Indy was a girl from same 'klan' as Anne, she was trying not to look as if she stood behind the other girls. When we got to it she told me that she would prefer not to have sex with a stranger because that would make her feel bad towards her boyfriend, so I tried to make her get her boyfriend so that she could do some action with him, but she was too scared that he might get upset about it so we dropped the idea. Then when I had lost faith in the whole thing she said the she would love to show how good she was to give head, she told me that there was nothing she loved more than having total control over a boy. I asked if she did not think that was cheating on her boyfriend and she answered by giving me a very sexy smile and saying 'just a little' She was not lying, she really got so turned on giving head and eagerly swallowed the whole load and sucked every last drop out of me.

Margrethes first time 1.

Here's Margrethe; this pretty and slim girl I met in the mall, did after many days of convinsing talking agree to pose nude in front of the camera - that's all, she thought :-). But our eager guy convinced her that he got so hot from looking at her that she had to whack him off if he should not explode. That's all she should do and nobody would ever know about it. (upppsss did I forgot to turn the camera off? really sorry :-) Now after that she was captured..... she had to go all the way. She was very tense and even scared to do it, as she believed that just getting her body in contact with cum would make her pregnant. So she started of with a condom but somehow, during the fun it got lost - beats me how that ever occurred. I would have loved to made this a 30-40 minutes movie, but I think you will know what I am talking about when I say that it was NOT possible.

Annas first time 1.

Here's the first taping with our little want to be porn star, it would surprised me if she doesn't succeeds.

Jannies first time 1.

Young blonde having fun with her firm boyfriend when the cameraman surprises her by joining the fun.

Annas first time 2.

I can still not believe how eager this young girl was to become a porn star, actually it was her asking me! She told me that her god friend Sasha had told her about me, and that the idea of making love with a total stranger on video turned her on very much. And who am I not to give a cute young girl a chance her in life :-) I made two videos with her, this one is the second.

Mariannas first time 3.

Cute natural Marianna was talked into getting a second mouthful of cum, not that she was easy to convince but we managed to get her little mouth filled and even got a smile afterwards. Our man was so turned on to fuck her, but her little tight pussy hurt too much when it was stretched to it's limit with his big cock so he had to pull it out even that he was very unwilling to do so.

Veronicas first time 1.

Young big breasted Veronica had easy to laugh and was a true joy to be with. She was very inexperienced and not very found of trying to suck cock. Actually she thought that she would choke on it, but she managed to give it a go. I actually did not mind that she wasn't a natural born sucker because her tight juicy pussy made it 100% up to my expectations.

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