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Luckas first time 1.

Our star Lucka in the first movie, (we have posted the money shot previous) this is her very first time and she did NOT want to have the 'stuff' in her mouth, but after a bit of 'daring' and greasing with some $bills she gave after and agreed to try it. She did very good, but did not swallow - she did that first time in her third movie which we have already posted. Enjoy it my friends!

Libas first time 1.

Liba, a really good girl, so kind, laughing and gently. She is only 18, but had a little 'accident' at 16 - a cute little girl close to 2 year now. She is still a tight and very good fuck. Liba has helped us a lot by 'introducing' us to a lot of her lovely girlfriends.

Bittens first time 1.

Extremely shy Bitten in her first and only movie. This movie are filmed in her parents house and she is so afraid that her parents shall return. Cute girl, but to bad that she shaved.... what is it with girl nowadays :-)

Gittes first time 1.

Tiny little Gitte in her very fist and only appearance on screen. Our man found her at the beach and talked her into stripping for him. They do some talking and she tells that she is not a virgin but have been with one boy at a party and did some fucking with him. But on our man's question if she have tried to suck cock, she says no. So after some talking and teasing she agrees to try sucking him. To bad they get caught by some visitors after about 10 minutes of sucking, this scared the girl so much that she didn't want to finish the movie

Lezkas first time 1.

Cute Lezka in her very first movie. This movie was shot in her fathers small hunting house and I tell you; it took a lot of convinsing to make her do it. A bit of shame she was so scared of her daddy would know, that she could not enjoy it in full :-)

Anitas first time 2.

Cute Anita with the tiny budding breasts in one of her very first performances on screen. She is still very shy and hide her face with her hair all the time.

Karolinas first time 2.

This is the second and (for now) last part with big brested Karolina. This second time she only refused a few times, and we even convinsed her to lose the condom.

Heidis first time 1.

Heidi is found at a train station and convinsed by a guy to go with him home and have some fun with him and his friend. She tell him that she is still in school and have never had sex except with her young boyfriend.

Karolinas first time 1.

Cute big breasted Karolina in her very first movie, first she agreed then in the middle she refused and so is it going forward and back during the movie. I think this movie has big entertainment value, What is funny is that after she saw this first movie she got so hooked on it that she wanted to do another movie, we literally had to use force to get the camera back from her :-).

Pamelas first time.

Tiny Pamela is getting fooled by her boyfriend to get blindfolded and cuffed. They have only been together for a short time when he talk her into trying having sex with her eyes covered, he put music in her ear so she would not hear the camera. She had no idea what was going on, and he even took the chance to glide of the condom without her knowing it. Really something special and 100% genuine - I have done almost no editing to keep it original.

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