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This is samples of a few of the videos we have added to the special amateur's teens movie section. This is where the downloadable HI-Quality videos resist. 
Note that this is only one of many sectors on the site.

Kamma's first time
Young shy Kamma in her very first performance, it was a tuff nut to crack and then when we was just about to start she changed her mind... it took all my talent to make her stick to the original deal. She was a pure joy to do, young shy and inexperienced but most of all 100% natural..

Chrystin's first time
New girl Chrystin and her boyfriend having some fun in the kitchen.

Asmira's first time 2
Pretty Asmira and her boyfriend in their second performance

One night in Bangkok 1.
What my 'ex-friend' the cameraman was doing while i worked :-) He actually managed to do some real cute ones..

Asmira's first time
This is actually a part of an experiment with filming young couples instead of showing my fat white ass all the time. At first I dropt the idea, but then I actually got unsure what to think about it. I managed to film 5 different young couples in winter. Tell me if you want more or you would rather not see anymore (please)

Melanie's first time
Sweet Melanie in her first performance

Helena and Natalia's first time 3.
Last part I had in the drawer with this two wonderful girls, this is taken a evening in Prag.

Rie's first time
Last part I had in the drawer with kind and beautiful Rie.

Katka's first time
Very skinny Katka in her first performance.

Jillian's first time
Sometimes it pay of to clean out the drawers. I had completely forgotten about this laughing young chick who more or less jumped me in her pursuit of porn star status.

Anna's first time 3
Another part with good looking Anna.

Ingeborg's first time
Ingeborg is a nice good looking girl I found in a disco a few days after meeting Janeke, this movie was made just after breakfast the following day. She did not think she could do anything because of hangovers (was a bit high in the evening :-) but I managed to convince her about the need for her to show my loyal members what she could do.

Janeke's first time
Janeke is a sweet and cheerful girl. I had a lot of fun with her and her friend at a local disco, so much fun that we ended up in bed with each other in the night even though we never had seen each other before. This video is made the following morning where I have been laying and playing with her for about an hour when I put up the camera. She did not notice the camera until about 8 minutes in the movie, but at that time there was no way back, even though she tried to protest :-)
Her friend slept like a baby besides us while this was happening.
The following day she agreed to make a proper movie where you better can see her gorgeous body. That one will be on later together with some photos.

Lenette's first time
This is a little aperitif before the big boom. A extremely well build girl who is only waiting for somebody to come by and offer to pop her cherry. Really could not let her wait too long for that.

Gitte's first time
Our first encounter with little Sasha was in the store where she worked after school, and we could simply not resist her cute smile and young body. It really took everything we had to convince her to do this, she was horny and eager to learn, but so much afraid that her parents would know about it.
Judge for yourself how it went, I can only add that there is NO complains from my side :-) She was so turned on that she insisted to do a second movie with our cameraman, as long that she could be home at 11 so she would not be grounded by her father.
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Mari's first time
Beautifully slim and very shy girl is 'used' by our cameraman .
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Lucy's first time 2.
Beautiful Lucy is getting the full treatment by our loyal cameraman.
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Rie's first time 2.
Rie is getting a good fuck in many positions in the back of our man's car.
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Rie's first time 1.
Rie with the firm breasts and tight little pussy gives our man a good amount of oral sex until he shoots his load in her mouth and all over her face.
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Helle's first time
Big breasted Helle is getting a good ride near her parents summerhouse in the forest. She don't turn down a good facial and oral cumshot and swallows eagerly it all.
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Helena and Natalia's first threesome part 1.
At last I got started on the stuff from our weekend in Prague with those two kind and loving girls. This is how the girls choose to warm up. They are really enjoying themselves.
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Helena and Natalia's first threesome part 2.
Second part, what can I say about laying there and being spoiled by two beautiful girls....... WHAUUUU.......
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Helena and Natalia's first threesome part 3.
Last part, this two girls get a good fuck and it ends with them sharing the 'reward'.
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Helena's first time - the cameraman's reward.
Helena gives the cameraman a good treat as reward for his effort.
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Victoria's first time
By popular request - another tiny girl in her first performance on camera EVER.
Like a best-teens girl shall be - young and inexperienced.  
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Lucy's first time hardcore 1.
Tiny pretty Lucy in her first hardcore. This one is with her boyfriend, it was funny to see how carefully he was not to come, you can really see that he is having a very hard time not to shoot his load in seconds. Can't really blame him, she really is one horny delicious girls.
The third one with her is with our cameraman.
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Gitte's first time
Tiny little Gitte in her very fist and only appearance on screen. Our man found her at the beach and talked her into stripping for him. They do some talking and she tell that she is not a virgin but have been with one boy at a party and did some fucking with him but on our man's question if she have tried to suck cock she says no. So after some talking and teasing she agree to try to suck him off. To bad they get caught by some visitors after about 10 minutes of sucking and this scared the girl so much that she did not want to finish the movie.
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Julia's first time
Young perfect blonde. Strip, suck and fuck. Very shy and natural girl, you see very clear that this is her very first time.
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Lezka's first time 1
Cute Lezka in her very first movie. This movie was shot in her fathers small hunting house and I tell you it took a lot of convinsing to make her do it. A bit shame she was so scared that her daddy would know that she could not enjoy it in full :-)
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Anita's first time 2.
Cute Anita with the tiny small breasts in one of her very first performances on screen. She is still very shy and hide her face with her hair all the time.
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Karolina's first time 2.
This is the second and (for now) last part with big brested Karolina. This second time she only refused a few times, and we even convinsed her to lose the condom.
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Heidi's first time.
Heidi is found at a train station and convinsed by a guy to go with him home and have some fun with him and his friend. She tell him that she is still in school and have never had sex except with her young boyfriend.
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Karolinas first time.
Cute big breasted Karolina in her very first movie, first she agreed then in the middle she refused and so is it going forward and back during the movie. I think this movie has big entertainment value, What is funny is that after she saw this first movie she got so hooked on it that she wanted to do another movie, we literally had to use force to get the camera back from her :-)
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Pamela's first time.
Tiny Pamela is getting fooled by her boyfriend to get blindfolded and cuffed. They have only been together for a short time when he talk her into trying having sex with her eyes covered, he put music in her ear so she would not hear the camera. She had no idea what was going on, and he even took the chance to glide of the condom without her knowing it. Really something special and 100% genuine - I have done almost no editing to keep it original.
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Popping Marianna's cherry.
See sweet little Marianna getting her tight little virgin pussy fucked with a big cock. First this shy star suck's cock and then her cherry is popped, she was so afraid to get pregnant that when the load was delivered on her pussy she instantly jump away in fear to get cum in her.
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Angelika's first time.
Tiny build Angelika with this cute little breast's in her first hardcore, she sucks and get a good fucking in her tight little pussy, finishing with having her little pussy covered with cum.
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Lena's first time.
Another video with cute Lena with the good firm breasts and that super tight pussy. Nice fuck, suck and this is the first time she got her mouth filled with cum (took some talking :-)
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Simone's first time.
Cute little Simone in her very first hard-core. She is so shy and have to be shown everything, very hot and well build girl. Her tiny pussy is really hot and moist, se her in this amateur action where she learn to suck cock, get a good fucking and her mouth filled with a big load of cum (she even swallows the evidence in the best white-house style :-)
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Kelly's first time (part 2). 
Cute Kelly getting the full treat, pussy licked, sucking cock, fucked in many positions and finally a good mouthful hot cum. She is really turned on in this movie and moans in pleasure - no faking with this hot girl.
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Anita's first time (part 3).
Anita's third time, she is so hot and turned on, she came several times during the making of this movie. Take a look at those breasts, they are my favorites!!!
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Linda's first time (part 1).
The first part of beautiful young Linda. This movie are made directly from the master tape and in Windows meta format (also in RA) for the best movie quality.
It start with an short interview (in Danish :-) where she explains that she have never done any movies before, but she had often fantasized about doing an adult movie. She is really a good girl, you can see how turned on she is and I guarantee that both her and the cameraman forget everything about what they are doing at the end. She is really a pearl whit at fantastic firm young unspoiled body.

Helena's first time part 2.
The second part of sweet Helena, she sucks like a dream, get a good fuck where you really can see she is enjoying it 100%, and finally her reward - her mouth filled and her face covered with cum. Really a good amateur performance, just a shame the cameraman was a old alcoholic who did not have a drink for a while :-) a bit shaky. 

Lucka's first time part 3.
The complete Lucka video part three. This fantastic girl, strips, suck cock in different positions, gets a good fucking and ends up with the photographer talking her into taking the load in her mouth and swallows. Really a good movie.

Linda in bath.
Cute Linda in the bath. No sexual action, but cute.

Anita's fist time.
Cute Anita getting eating, suck and fuck.

Maria's first time.
Natural young girls first time - first she makes a photo session (with the video camera rolling) the when she (after lot of convincing talk) lost her clothes she gets a good fucking by the cameraman. I love the way you can hear her tight pussy make noise when he fucks her. 

Kelly's first time.
Cute Kelly getting a good fuck, and she really enjoys it. She will always be our special girl.

Kelly's first time.
Cute Kelly having fun playing and sucking a big cock while watching herself in the television, easy to see it is her first time with a camera. Need I to say she takes the reward in her mouth as a good girl.

Daniella's first time.
Cute Daniella in her first movie, suck, ride, fuck doggie etc. What can I say more.... See it.

Lena's first time 'nearly' swallows.
Cute Lena is so eager to learn so she agreed to suck and swallows, but .......... not all is as easy as it looks. See for yourself how it goes.

Marianna's first facial cum shot.
Cute girl talked into sucking cock and taking the load in the mouth, I specially like the look on her face when she realizes that she shall take the cum in her mouth and swallow, there you really can see that it is her first time.

Rikke and Anita's fist time lesbian.
Many have requested lesbian movies here is two highly requested girls now together in lesbian action. They lick each other and play with dildo and lit candles.

Lena's first time.

My absolute favorite girl 100% sweet, natural with cute small pointed breasts, and a body so well trimmed  with an ass you could die for - not to mention the tightest pussy I HAVE EVER SEEN on a girl. This is her second movie (First one is popping Lena's cherry, witch will be on at a later time, and there is also a 3rd. where she learn to take cum in her mouth, witch will also be on later.)

The movie is a little dark at first, but with good action. I was told that the reason she is looking against the place where the light comes from all the times and try to hide is because it was filmed at the ground floor and to get some light in the curtains was open and people walking by was looking :-)


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