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Dear Guys and Girls,

Welcome to the place of the pure teenage debutantes (18+). There are no Pornstars, fakes or pro whores here, only sexy innocent teenagers in their first ever porn movie and that is guaranteed!.

Irenas first time 1.

Wonder why she had a problem to stay focused and try not to laugh :-) Really a special guy / which one of them do you think have the nicest tits?

Movie runtime is 09:58 minutes.

Irenas first time 1.

Good breasted Irena with the tiny super tight pussy in her first movie. In this first clip, she is playing with herself. The second part is hardcore with her boyfriend.

Movie runtime is 04:35 minutes.

Lucys first time hardcore 1.

Tiny pretty Lucy in her first hardcore. This one is with her boyfriend, it was funny to see how carefully he was not to come, you can really see that he is having a very hard time not to shoot his load in seconds. Can't really blame him, she really is one horny delicious girls. The third one with her is with our cameraman.

Movie runtime is 09:45 minutes.

Lucys first time 1.

Our new star Lucy in her first scene; masturbating and really giving herself. When she was really horny I convinced her to do a hardcore scene with her boyfriend The shooting with her boyfriend turned her on so much that she agreed to make another scene with our man.

Movie runtime is 09:44 minutes.

Ellens first time 1.

Slim young Ellen is talked into making an adult movie.

Movie runtime is 23:14 minutes.

Tanjas first time 1.

Young Tanja is getting a treat in different positions ending with a face full of hot cum.

Movie runtime is 18:33 minutes.

MegaStars first time 1.

Plumb 18-year-old MegaStar :-) in her first hardcore performance. Nice face and big breasts on this girl. Well, you asked for something different and you get it.

Movie runtime is 12:38 minutes.

Natalies first time 1.

Nice little 'Siberian girl' but not cold at all :-) - not at all. Really a sweetheart who gave herself all the way. She is a friend of Helena. You will see more of her and Helena together and threesome.

Movie runtime is 26:23 minutes.

Luckas first time 1.

Our star Lucka in the first movie, (we have posted the money shot previous) this is her very first time and she did NOT want to have the 'stuff' in her mouth, but after a bit of 'daring' and greasing with some $bills she gave after and agreed to try it. She did very good, but did not swallow - she did that first time in her third movie which we have already posted. Enjoy it, my friends!

Movie runtime is 13:30 minutes.

Libas first time 1.

Liba, a really good girl, so kind, laughing and gently. She is only 18 but had a little 'accident' at 16 - a cute little girl close to 2 years now. She is still a tight and very good fuck. Liba has helped us a lot by 'introducing' us to a lot of her lovely girlfriends.

Movie runtime is 16:56 minutes.

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