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Nanas first time 1.

Chubby big breasted Nana was too shy to strip and scared that somebody would come and surprise them. Somehow our loyal cameraman succeeded in convincing her to give him a blowjob ending with a huge load on her big tits.

Movie runtime is 05:44 minutes.

Pearls first time 1.

Pretty Black Pearl in her first performance. Our loyal cameraman has lured her down to a deserted part of the beach, there he gets her to suck him, then gives her a good doggy style fucking and ending with her getting her face, mouth, and breasts covered with cum. I love the end where she obviously has her mouth full of cum she moves around with her tung, and do not know if she is allowed to spit it out or not.

Movie runtime is 10:07 minutes.

Nueng teach friend to give oral.

Cute fine sucking Nueng promised her best friend to learn her to give good head, as a friend of the people I offered my help as well LOL, what you don't have to suffer for your friends. She ends up doing so great a job that I cum heavily down her throat (had saved my load for more than a week for this one) what she don't take very well as she is starting to throw up while she heads for the toilet, so Nueng had to slurp the rest of my cum.

Movie runtime is 14:07 minutes.

Nuengs oral education - the final exam.

Cute Nueng is here giving us all a demonstration of how good she has become in the fine art of giving head. It is deep and to the very last drop. I just love her natural smiling way to do this.
Do not forget to drop by the live video chat section where Nueng and her friends are waiting to chat with you, maybe you can get her to show you even more.

Movie runtime is 08:18 minutes.

Tanyas first time 1.

Cute little Tanya's first movie, she has just turned 18 and wanted to try to make an adult movie. She has a great body, the finest budding breasts, and a tiny little pussy. In this, her first movie she shows of her body, try to suck cock and get a good fuck ending with the load shoot on her firm ass.

Movie runtime is 28:59 minutes.

Tuktas first time 1.

Cute Tukta getting a good licking and some fucking in different positions. It was a pure joy to fuck her extremely tight little pussy.

Movie runtime is 08:48 minutes.

Leks first time 1.

Lek is a cute girl I met at a restaurant in town, after having joked with her all evening she agreed to go with me to the disco when she finished work. This is the result. She is a nice girl, easy to be with and it's a joy to fuck her well build body. First, she gives some head, then she gets her tiny pussy eaten until she nearly came ending up with a good fuck in different positions and her eye filled with cum (sorry about the last part).

Movie runtime is 20:55 minutes.

Rikkes first time 5.

Rikke is back with her most recent performance. She gets things started by pleasuring our loyal cameraman with a long-lasting deepthroat blowjob. He returns the favor by taking her from behind for some sweet doggy-style action. Wanting more, he lays her on her back with legs overhead as he achieves deep penetration. Our dedicated cameraman finishes things off with style unloading his hot cum all over her tender breasts.

Movie runtime is 09:19 minutes.

Marys first time 3.

Cute inexperienced black Mary in her third performance. This time our loyal cameraman convinced her to try to give two studs a blowjob at the same time. As you can see she is getting the hang of it and she is really starting to enjoy her new life.

Movie runtime is 05:02 minutes.

Rikkes first time 4.

Horny wannabe pornstar Rikke, giving a horny stud som deep head and getting a good fuck. Notice that our loyal (and nasty) cameraman can not resist her hungry mouth while she gets it doggy style, he just has to put his stiff cock in her helpless mouth.

Movie runtime is 25:19 minutes.

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