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Welcome to the place of the pure teenage debutantes (18+). There are no Pornstars, fakes or pro whores here, only sexy innocent teenagers in their first ever porn movie and that is guaranteed!.

Buis first time 1.

Bui is a girl that I first saw in the Metro, I sat just across the aisle and whenever I smiled to her and she gave me shy smile back and covered her face with her hands just like a little girl. A couple of stops later the seat next to her got free and I went over to sit with her so before she knew it she was a wannabe best teens star :-) She is a bit chubby, but I would say that she is in my top 10 of good pussies; she was very tight so tight that is was only possible to fuck her because she was so horny that her pussy juice ran like a sprinkler. When you look at the movie you will notice that her mouth is just as tight she could barely stretch her mouth enough to get my dick inside, the disadvantage for her was that she because of that was unable to get her mouth off of it quick enough, I shoot my first load down her throat, and while she was vomiting, and trying to recover I hit her with another load.

Movie runtime is 21:36 minutes.

Soms first time 1.

This is pretty little Som in her first performance. I first saw Som in town where she was hanging out with Tukta and her friends so I could simply not resist her pretty face. I had not much struggle as I got Tukta to convince her during the next days to make a movie. Nice firm body and what a face.

Movie runtime is 13:51 minutes.

Pims first time 1.

Pim is Tukta's shy friend, she studies diplomacy at the local university. She is a nice girl, but very very shy, took me a lot to convince her to make a video, but at last the mighty dollar did the job, as she said if she did not need the money she would not do it. I was run in position to do it all, but after the fist 10 minutes I notices a bright red color on the bed where she had been sitting giving me a blowjob / she suddenly have gotten her period / so this one is a blow job only, but she have promised me to come back Monday to finish the job. She has a very nice super tiny pussy so I am looking forward to trying if I can squeeze my fat dick into it.

Movie runtime is 09:32 minutes.

Tuktas first taste of cum.

Young pretty Tukta got convinced by her best friend that she should become a best-teens movie star, how lucky I am :-) She was very shy and inexperienced, she had only had one boyfriend before and have never before tried oral sex. But I though why settle for a blowjob when she had so much new to try. Watch my struggle to get her take the load in her mouth, it's a long struggle and it's was first after I convinced her that her girlfriend had already done it that she agreed (I lied - little emergency white lie, sorry about that).

Movie runtime is 15:15 minutes.

Grys first time 3.

Skinny little Gry used in all three holes by our loyal cameraman, and there is no bullshit with this horny girl, she even does oral after anal and swallows the whole load like good girls do.

Movie runtime is 15:44 minutes.

Berits first time 2.

Slim good looking Berit giving me a good time. First, she does an excellent sucking job on me so I had to eat her tight pussy out to make her maximum horny before she got the hard one fucking her juicy pussy. She got it in several positions before I filled her hungry mouth with cum, and as the good girl, she is she eagerly swallowed every drop.

Movie runtime is 23:50 minutes.

Nuengs oral education 2.

My sweet girlfriend's oral education. There is no bullshit here, she is at this stage able to give some of the best oral I have ever received, she likes to do it and eagerly swallows every single drop. See the look and smile on her face when she finished, she are proud that she have learned to please.

Movie runtime is 08:48 minutes.

Nuengs oral education 1.

I decided to place the full oral education of Nueng online, she is so sweet and tries so hard to be the perfect nasty cum swallowing girlfriend (Look forward to her loosing her Anal Virginity 100% real documentary).

Movie runtime is 06:18 minutes.

Rikkes first time 3.

Horny young Rikke in action with our loyal cameraman. First, she shows our loyal cameraman that she is a master in the fine art of giving head (that lazy bastard, just laying there while that poor girl does all the work) she then rides him good, she is really a horny girl, she can't get enough cock in her hot pussy. He finishes her off doggy style and covers her teenage breasts with cum.

Movie runtime is 10:59 minutes.

Marys first time 2.

This time it works out better for our loyal cameraman, as you remember it didn't work out too well in the first attempt. Our loyal cameraman has discovered that sweet Mary always had a dream of trying two studs at the same time, but never had the guts or chance to try out this hidden fantasy. So here our man got her the chance to try it out, see her getting fucked good by this two horny studs, she ends up completely covered in cum.

Movie runtime is 17:48 minutes.

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