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Dear Guys and Girls,

Welcome to the place of the pure teenage debutantes (18+). There are no Pornstars, fakes or pro whores here, only sexy innocent teenagers in their first ever porn movie and that is guaranteed!.

Uris first time 1.

Uri is Angel's skinny friend, Angel told me she had a slim friend that would like to try to make a movie (but she forgot to tell me that she was pregnant :-). She sucks off our loyal cameraman for good and he gives her a fucking job and fills her mouth with cum in the end.

Movie runtime is 11:13 minutes.

Cocos first time 3.

Tiny Coco taking good care of me. At this time she started to find making movies exciting and played with the camera. But still frighten as he.. to get pregnant, every time I moaned she tighten because she thought that I came. And that was a lot because I had the biggest difficulties not to come on the spot, her pussy was so tight and juicy that it was almost impossible not just to fill her tiny hole with cum. But the old trick with thinking about my ex-wife and holding her picture in my mind got me thru :-)

Movie runtime is 14:35 minutes.

Jeanettes first time 2.

Good looking Jeanette in her second performance, this time she has loosened up a little. So after having to give me some nice head and me having eaten out her tight pussy she got so horny that it was possible to fuck her. Her pussy is really super tight and not deep enough for all my cock to enter so when I pushed it fully inside she moaned in pain. She could be good with some training but are at this stage very inexperienced.

Movie runtime is 12:36 minutes.

Hollys first time 1.

Holly in her first performance, Holly was a girl we saw in town every day when we went for dinner and 'pigehaar' was so turned on that we had to make her a star. He gives her throat some good deep fucking and filled her mouth with cum in the end.

Movie runtime is 18:32 minutes.

Cocos first time 2.

This time Coco is giving our loyal cameraman a good treatment. She plays with his cock and gives him some head before he pushes his hard cock into her tiny pussy. Ending with him covering her small teenage breasts with cum.

Movie runtime is 10:47 minutes.

Jeanettes first time 1.

Our new tiny and good looking girl Jeanette in her first performance with the new guy on our team pigehaar (means hair like a girl in Danish). If you think she looks as the girl posted a while back, that I filmed in her room while her grandmother sat in the living room in her wheelchair, there is a reason for that because that girl is her older sister.

Movie runtime is 13:00 minutes.

Nuengs first time oral 1.

Sweet young Nueng trying very hard to does her very best in pleasing me with her new oral skills, it took a lot of throwing up to come this far. She manages to swallow most of it when I came down her throat, and even lick up the rest. What a good girl.

Movie runtime is 13:54 minutes.

Angels first time 2.

I bumped into Angel, the girl our loyal cameraman and I made a movie with some time back, she is still a very nice girl and very eager to please.

Movie runtime is 13:02 minutes.

Pernilles first time 3.

Our loyal cameraman figured that Pernille had to try his bondage/blindfold trick, here is the result. She gets blindfolded and he tears off her clothes, gets her to suck him and he puts a cucumber in her pussy before he fucks her and covers her face with cum.

Movie runtime is 13:59 minutes.

Cocos first time 1.

Tiny Coco in her first movie, a very nice girl with an extremely small size body to her age, but what a tight fu.. really super tight and juicy. Coco has never done something like this before and she was so extremely scared that she would end up pregnant. She is not on the pill because she does not have any boyfriend.

Movie runtime is 07:50 minutes.

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